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Selling Tips

There's a couple of well known sayings that hold true when it comes to selling your car privately -
- "you've got to spend money to make money" , and
- "time is money"

Sell your car promptly and professionally, by making an investment of time and money up front to make it compelling for your buyers to choose your car over the many others being sold privately and by dealers.


Make it look good
Pretty obvious, but don't overlook it. Save time - get it professionally groomed.
Do any minor panel and paint work. It can be suprisingly cheap and can help you sell quicker for the price you want.
(see Auto Suppliers section)

Get it serviced
Buyers want to feel that they haven't got anything extra to pay out when they're laying out a large amount of cash for your vehicle.
A freshly serviced vehicle means one less expense to think about immediately. 
(see Auto Suppliers section)

Get it Checked
Buyers feel re-assured when the car they're buying has undergone a mechanical check by a recognised body.
(see Auto Suppliers section)


Give your car exposure! Cars2GO helps you get maximum awareness in the shortest time, with -
- Professional "Private Sale" signage - everywhere your car goes, people know it's for sale and are referred to the website (no more home made "for sale" signs taped on the car window)
- Newspaper advertising, directing buyers to the site
- (in Wellington only) Radio advertising on 5 stations, driving buyers to the site
- Ready to go Posters - stick them straight up at work, or on public notice-boards
- Access to Finance and Warranties - open up a whole new audience of buyers
(see the Cars2GO Sales Pack)

  Negotiating the Sale

Your Cars2GO Sales Pack contains useful negotiation tips when it comes to the conversation you'll have with a buyer. A few simple tips will give you added confidence when closing the sale.

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