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You must complete the MR13A form within 7 days of the date of sale (you'll need the Buyers full name and address for this).
FREEPOST it to the Transport Registry Centre. (don't rely on the buyer to do this - it's your responsibility).
If you fail to send the form, you remain liable for registration fees, and any subsequent fines relating to the vehicle will be sent to you etc. 
You'll find an MR13A form in your Cars2GO Sales Kit. (lost it ? see your nearest NZ Post Shop).

The Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA) recommend that Sellers don't hand over the vehicle until the Buyer gives you a Change of Ownership Card showing they have actually changed the ownership. At the very least keep contact details of the Buyer.

Lost your ownership papers?  Go to your nearest Post Shop and ask for an MR7 Form for new ownership papers.  Provide personal details, registration number and for a fee of $9.20 (as at July 2003) and in approximately 10 days you'll have your new ownership papers.  Take proof of identity (drivers license of passport).


You must complete the MR13B form within 7 days of the date of purchase.
Present the completed form to an LTSA agent (e.g. NZ Post Shop) and pay the change of ownership Fee (currently $9)
Make sure you take some form of identification (i.e. drivers license, passport or birth certificate)
You'll be given a "change of ownership label"

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